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Showing posts from September 12, 2004

Install DNS Server

I chose to install djbdns because it's small, simple, and secure. All instructions are located at: On our installation, I had to install gcc. I used rpmdrake. When I run rpmdrake on this machine (Gateway pc, 'dizzy', it comes up and flashes forever. finally I close the small window in front, and the packages come up and things seem to work fine. Anyway, I picked gcc and it found the dependencies and installed them. But at the command 'make', I am getting the error shown below, which I got around with the instructions below: ...stuff deleted ./compile uint32_pack.c ./compile uint32_unpack.c ./makelib byte.a byte_chr.o byte_copy.o byte_cr.o byte_diff.o byte_zero.o case_diffb.o case_diffs.o case_lowerb.o fmt_ulong.o ip4_fmt.o ip4_scan.o scan_ulong.o str_chr.o str_diff.o str_len.o str_rchr.o str_start.o uint16_pack.o uint16_unpack.o uint32_pack.o uint32_unpack.o ./load auto-str buffer.a unix.a byte.a buffer.a(buf…

Installing Firefox

No browser inststalled byu default. ftp log in as anonymous at ftp>, type: bin hash passive then cd into /pub/, get the latest with the word "installer" in it. download, unzip, and untar it. cd /home/keith/firefox-installer [root@dizzy firefox-installer]# ./firefox-installer [root@dizzy firefox-installer]# *** eeeeeeee = [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80520006 (NS_ERROR_FILE_TARGET_DOES_NOT_EXIST) [nsIFile.remove]" nsresult: "0x80520006 (NS_ERROR_FILE_TARGET_DOES_NOT_EXIST)" location: "JS frame :: file:///home/keith/firefox-installer/components/nsExtensionManager.js :: ensureExtensionsFiles :: line 245" data: no] *** loading the extensions datasource *** loading the extensions datasource [root@dizzy firefox-installer]# it worked.