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Perl & PHP Shell Scripts

Writing scripts in bash is lame. I'm not the only one who thinks so: Shell Script Language – Use Perl, Not Bash | LinDeskFrom the post:Advantages of using a Shell LanguageIts supported in even the tinest linux distros – even in embedded systems.Its the method preferred by the majority – I hope this will change soon.Command calls look more natural in a shell language.Advantages of using a High Level LanguageBetter CodeEasy to maintainFaster developmentLibraries provide a lot of functionalityEasier to port to different platforms.PHP Shell ScriptingWant to get busy slinging code? Start here:
An Introduction to Linux Shell Scripting: How to Use Bash, Perl, PHP or Python in a Linux Script | Suite101.comAn Alternative to Perl: Shell Scripting With PHPUsing PHP As A Shell Scripting Shell Scripting with PHP CLI

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