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Puppy Linux

I've been using Puppy Linux quite a bit these days and I like it! My favorite features are the ability to boot from (and store personal data to) a USB stick. You don't need very much space, in fact.
Puppy Linux operating system is a lightweight Linux distribution that focuses on ease of use and minimal Memory footprint. The entire system can be run from RAM with current versions generally taking up about 130 MB. -- Wikipedia, Puppy Linux Thinks I Use Puppy Linux ForBooting Intel computers from a USB stick with portable settings, including browser preferences, desktop settings, and data.Running an old Dell with 512 MB of RAM and turning it into a performance champ.  From the Puppy Linux web site, 
Puppy's goalsEasily install to USB, Zip or hard drive media.Booting from CD (or DVD), the CD drive is then free for other purposes.Booting from CD (or DVD), save everything back to the CD.Booting from USB Flash drive, minimise writes to extend life indefinitely.Extremely friend…