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Minecraft on Ubuntu; Finding and fixing errors

Now that Minecraft is outta beta, at version 1.0.0, it's time to get it running on Ubuntu with all the mods. The standard 1.0 version runs fine in Ubuntu 11.10, but I'm having some trouble with ModLoader, and therefore all the mods that in turn depend on ModLoader.

My first task is to run Minecraft without any errors. To start I installed and ran Minecraft on Ubuntu using Alloc's Easy Minecraft Installer. This creates a handy desktop icon on the account I used to run the install script. Of course, using this icon precludes seeing any error output from the program. Once you've installed Minecraft using the script, you can copy the icon file to any other desktop directory, and then update the command line with the name of the new home directory. Then, set the properties of the shortcut file to "executable"

To review the error output, I open Terminal and paste in the command:

java -jar /home/[myhomedir]/.minecraft/minecraft.jar
where [myhomedir] is the name of m…

Area51 is ill, won't boot Windows or Ubuntu

Area51 won't boot up correctly, and the behavior is quite odd. I was able to boot off of my handy Ubuntu 10.10 disk, however, which rules out most problems with the motherboard, RAM, video, networking -- it looks like there's some problem reading the hard drive. I want to do some troubleshooting on the hard disk partitions, since that seems to be the most likely source of the problems. This is right after I ran that disk utility, but the computer booted since then. Fortunately, since I can get onto the Internet, I can log my work right here on this blog. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad